Residential Roofing

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Residential Roofing Contractors

Make the perfect first impression with the services of TTR Paving and Roofing. Not only can a brand new roof boost kerb appeal and selling price, but it can also improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Our professionals are experienced at handling a range of roofing materials such as tiles, slates, sheet metal and others.

In addition to residential roofing installations, our specialists are also able to offer a range of other comprehensive services, including:

  • Roofing repairs and refurbishment
  • Maintenance services
  • Installation of uPVC fascias & soffits, guttering and rainwater systems

TTR Paving and Roofing are a residential roofing company who have been established for over 6 years, providing our expert roofing installations and solutions to the local area. We have since become trusted domestic roofing professionals throughout 

Roof Installation

At TTR Paving and Roofing, we have over 6 years of experience in re-roofing and old roof repairs.

We work on roofs of all sizes and have a proven record of delivering effective re-roofing and repairs to a large number of satisfied customers throughout the Western Cape, Cape Town and surrounding areas. We supply all the necessary equipment and work efficiently to ensure the safety of your home during the roof replacement process. Our repair services are vital for any leaks you may find in the home, so don’t wait to contact us for immediate support.


As well as minor repairs, we also provide a re-roofing service and can install brand new roofs from scratch. Our team supply top quality, long-lasting materials such as clay slate and lead tiles, and work meticulously to ensure a fantastic result on all our roofs. The process starts by stripping your existing roof and fitting a breathable material onto the underlying structure. We then batten the roof with treated timber and fit your choice of slate or tiles, finishing the job with suited ridge tiles and leadwork.

We are roofing specialists in the Western Cape and Cape Town

 areas, providing cost-efficient roof repair services compared to other local roofing companies.

Lead Roofing

Lead roofing is a very tough, hard-wearing roofing material, but that does not mean it is immune to wear and tear or more severe damage. If you have a lead roof, particularly if you have it for an extended period of time, you are likely to notice some signs of damage or other issues with the surface. If this is the case, by contacting TTR Paving and Roofing you can ensure that any issue is repaired to a premium standard. So whether you want us to install, repair or refurbish a lead roofing solution on your domestic or commercial property, get in touch with us today to talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team. We can discuss your needs thoroughly with you to ensure we can create the best solution for your requirements.

Flat Roofing

Our flat roofing service caters for both domestic and commercial properties on both a small and large scale. Whatever material is used on your flat roof, we can provide the highest quality workmanship to ensure the result is exactly how you imagined it to be, whether you have a flat roof construction project or flat roof repairs and refurbishment that need doing. Whatever material is used on your flat roof, we offer Rubber, GRP Liquid & Felt Membranes.