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Roof Waterproofing Contractors

Are you facing problems of leaks, cracks or puddles on your flat roof? Our roofing experts are here to provide you with professional roof waterproofing solutions suited to your needs. How a building is used and constructed are key factors in the selection of the correct waterproofing system – the options are as varied as the requirements. In line with industry safe practice our waterproofing systems feature safe installation techniques for all roof types, site conditions and client’s budget. TTR Paving and Roofing offers Torch On Waterproofing, Pap and Lap Waterproofing and Flashing Waterproofing as part of our roof waterproofing solutions. Our expert technicians are at hand to give you advice on the best suited needs for your building and budget.

Torch-on Waterproofing

Torch on membrane is typically used on flat roofs and decks, balcony’s, planter boxes and below ground. The torch on waterproofing systems are made of sticky, viscous organic liquids and Bitumen, essentially it’s a hydrocarbon made from crude oil, this is the one key components of this membrane system no matter who the manufacture is. It’s non-harmful to the environment, highly effective against water and has a number of unique qualities; bituminous torch-on is widely considered to be one of the most reliable membrane systems for qualified waterproofing contractors.

This product can be used on both commercial waterproofing and domestic waterproofing projects.

Benefits of Torch-on Waterproofing

Some of the benefits offered by torch-on bitumen waterproofing include the following:
Suitable for full water immersion as well as sub-soil applications, it an ideal application for sealing rooftops, decks, balconys, box gutters and planter boxes. It’s able to protect buildings while retaining harmony with the building’s environmental surroundings thanks to a range of mineral finishes offered.

Torch on used for Green roofing solutions offers a simple way to seal your project and reduce carbon footprints; torch on membranes have an extremely long life span, with the majority of membranes offering global standards in quality. Fumes released during installation are not harmful to humans and there is low noise pollution during application.

Cape Town Torch on waterproofing specialist

Torch on membrane system will Protect insulation and have the potential to reflect harmful sun rays (some products even contain photovoltaic cells that can produce solar energy) it’s also Non-water soluble, non-biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic.

As a qualified waterproofing applicator who always strives to offer customers the latest in technology, TTR Paving and Roofing is excited to offer torch on waterproofing to our customers who want to take advantage of this eco-friendly, highly effective solution.

Flash Waterproofing

Flash waterproofing is used to waterproof upstands on civil engineering structures, instead of prefabricated bituminous membranes. Flash waterproofing can also be used for specific features where bituminous sheeting is awkward to use.

– easy application,
– single-component,
– easy vertical application,
– constant quality,
– safety: no flame used,
– economical because it is applied quickly,
– can be used on many different substrates (concrete, steel…).

Flash Waterproofing company