Roofing Maintenance & Repairs

Roofing Maintenance & Repairs Contractors

No matter what material your roof is made from or the kind of building you have, emergency roof issues can catch you out at all times. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a problem that needs urgent attention, such as a leak, then emergency roof repairs will be required.

Here at TTR Paving and Roofing serving Western Cape, Cape Town and surrounding areas, we recognise the importance of efficiency and safety, especially when it comes to emergency situations. If your roof has developed a severe issue which needs immediate care, we can be on site with you as quickly as possible to rectify the problem and prevent it from worsening.

Our emergency roofing services are available to domestic and commercial customers throughout Western Cape, Stellenbosch, Wooster, Cape Town and the surrounding areas, so get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about us!

Why Choose Us For Your Roofing Needs?

  •  We offer free impartial advice
  •  Our pricing is extremely competitive
  •  Our work is fully guaranteed
  •  Over 6 years’ experience in the industry
  •  There is no job too small or too large for us

Roof Repairs

At TTR Paving and Roofing, we make sure your roof is in prime condition. We offer a complete range of high-quality roof repairs, taking great care to ensure your roof is faultless from top to bottom. Repairing cracked tiles, reapplying eroded mortar and replacing snapped gutters are just some of the ways we help to secure your home from worrying leaks or structural instability. We use only the highest quality materials, and expect our workmanship to have long-lasting results!

Roof Maintenance

Even if your roof hasn’t started causing any significant problems, it’s important to apply the necessary repairs to any visible signs of damage before they evolve into something more worrying. Our roof maintenance services upgrade your roof by correcting any slight problems, whilst also providing a new layer of protection to your home. In addition, our 6 years’ experience in the roofing trade means that we will notice hazards you may have missed, and so our roof examination service will ensure the most complete, cost-effective roof maintenance for your home.

Significant problems to your roof don’t always happen over time, however. Roof problems that need immediate attention can cause major concern and stress.  provides emergency roofing repairs, where we prioritise our time to help you and your home immediately. We will travel throughout the Western Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces, direct to your door, and will fix any serious problems your roof may have incurr.